Swimming. First, consider going for a swim when the temperature really heats up. Swimming is a fantastic way to work both your upper as well as lower body, without putting any stress on your joints.

For those of you who do tend to suffer from joint pain and who need to heal those nagging injuries, spending the summer months focusing on swimming should help out.

Outdoor Boot Camps. Next, outdoor boot camps will also lend to a fast increase to your fitness level, a high amount of enjoyment, and possibly a few like-minded friends.

Boot camps will take you through a variety of different exercises so are ideal for those who are looking for a greater challenge and more variety.

You’ll reap both cardiovascular benefits as well as muscle strength gains from doing this form of exercise. Plus, with the social atmosphere added in, you’ll find that you’re fully motivated to get these sessions in.

Roller Blading. Roller blading is the next great activity that you will want to be considering, especially if a firmer lower body is in your goal set. Roller blading is one of the best calorie burning forms of cardio that you could be doing and with the increased tension being placed on the quads, glutes, and hamstrings, you’ll really see a significant boost in your muscular strength.

Cycling. Finally, don’t overlook the benefits of going for a long bike ride on those warm sunny days. Whether you cycle intensely or not, it’s a great way to enjoy the weather, do some non-impact activity, and work the lower body muscles at the same time.

So keep these quick tips in mind this coming summer and give yourself a break from the gym. It’ll do both your body and motivation good.

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