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Eggplants certainly stand out at a farmer’s market or grocery store. It’s hard not to notice a dark purple piece of produce with a glossy sheen. The size and odd shape of eggplant add to its eye-catching allure, too.

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But what can you do with the nutritious fruit if you bring it home? (And yes, eggplant is technically a fruit even though it’s treated as a vegetable within cooking circles.)

Here are five ways to embrace the versatility of the purple wonder.

A tasty mystery

eggplant Parmesan broccolini

There’s ample debate in the Italian culinary world about the history of eggplant parmigiana. Who invented it? Where did it originate? What does the name really mean? Feel free to share your theory at the table while savoring this version of the classic dish, which includes broccolini.

Stir it up

Japanese eggplant stirfry

Looking for an ingredient to headline a healthy stir-fry dinner? Eggplant is the perfect choice given its “meatiness” and high-fiber, low-calorie resume. It sets a tasty tone in this Japanese Eggplant Stir-Fry. (Either a Japanese eggplant or regular eggplant work well in this recipe, too.)

Family reunion

roasted eggplant and tomatoes

Eggplants and tomatoes both fall in the often-misunderstood nightshade family of vegetables. They join in harmonious deliciousness within this roasted dish. The combo is as nutritious as it is tantalizing.


recipe: eggplant marinara

Some recipes overwhelm you with a looong list of ingredients. Easy-Bake Eggplant With Marinara isn’t one of them. You’ll need just five items — an eggplant, garlic powder, onion powder, marinara sauce and shredded mozzarella cheese — to get this dinner on the table.

Spoil yourself

A bowl of baba ghanoush dip in a bowl with pieces of pita bread around it

Fun fact: The meaning of baba ghanoush is “spoiled dad” — a clear nod to how the eggplant-based dip is a pretty yummy treat. Pamper yourself by whipping up a batch following these simple steps. Or try this smokin’ version of the dish that also features Kalamata olives.

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