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In many households Christmas is not complete without a perfectly glazed ham, this one uses marmalade for a citrusy sweetness and shine.

On Christmas Day it is easy to look at that the glistening glaze on the mouthwatering Christmas ham and think that there is no way that anything will be leftover – but to our surprise every single year we end up with more ham than we can shake a stick at. This leaves us confronted with the big question: what do you do with leftover Christmas ham?
Thankfully, our Test Kitchen experts are no strangers to all things Christmas ham, from how to choose a ham for your Christmas feast, to glazing and cooking your Christmas ham, and even how to cut your baked Christmas ham. And, after the big day is over and the dishes are licked clean – how to store your Christmas ham in the fridge, and recipes for helping you make short work of the Christmas ham leftovers.
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To store ham on the bone it needs to be wrapped in a seasoned cloth. Ideally, a clean tea towel, a clean pillowcase, large piece of calico fabric, or a purpose-made ham bag (get yourself one here). Rinse your cloth of choice in a solution of two cups white vinegar and two litres of water and allow it to dry before wrapping the whole ham in the fabric before storing in the fridge.

Of course, around Christmas it can be hard to find room in the fridge to accommodate a whole ham leg. If this is the case, you can remove the meat from the bone in large chunks and store, wrapped in plastic and then foil, in the fridge or freezer.

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