10 sweet, savoury and surprising berry recipes to try

Brought to you by Perfection Berries.

It’s our favourite time of year – berry season! Mouthwatering raspberries, sumptuous strawberries and delicious blueberries are bursting with sweet, tart, and juicy flavours – they really are nature at its best.

Whether you eat them fresh or whip them up into a healthy and delish brekkie or decadent dessert, these vibrant berries are packed with berry antioxidants and naturally high in vitamin C.

Perfection Berries are Australian grown and handpicked with care. Look out for Perfection Strawberries with the black label, and Perfection Blueberries and Perfection Raspberries with the pink label – they’re the perfect pick.

Take your love of berries to new heights with these delicious berry recipes that are sure to inspire.

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