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You don’t need to be home to make a home-cooked meal if you have a slow cooker, a countertop appliance that’ll simmer food at low temperatures for long periods of time as you go about your day.

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It’s pretty much a plug-and-go process, too. Just load the ceramic pot with healthy ingredients, turn the cooker on and let it do its thing.

Hours later, when you return to the kitchen, you’ll have a hot-and-hearty meal ready to serve.

Here’s how to make that kitchen magic.

Bowl of slow cooker chicken pot pie.

A family favorite

The calorie count in comfort food doesn’t have to make you uncomfortable. Want proof? Check out this recipe for slow cooker chicken pot pie. The crustless dish puts the focus on the flavorful filling. (And let’s be honest: That’s the best part!)

pork chops with apples and onions

The perfect pairing

Apples and pork work well together, with the fruit’s sweetness serving as a perfect taste partner for the savory meat. See for yourself with this tasty (and surprisingly lean) recipe.

Cooked beef brisket smothered with onions and gravy sauce on a white serving plate after slow cooking all day.

Simple and savory

Brisket in the slow cooker can be a treat even before you sit down for dinner. The reason? Let’s just say that the smell of herbs, spices and savory meat cooking for eight+ hours is absolute heaven in the house. Consider the meal an extra bonus.

Bowl of chicken noodle soup close up

Soup selections

Soup develops a richness the longer it cooks, which makes it an ideal meal for a slow cooker. Try any of these recipes if you’re craving a bowl of deliciousness.

recipe steel cut oatmeal with apples and walnuts in a white bowl on a beige tablecloth.

Breakfast option

Your slow cooker can work the night shift, too! Before bedtime, put together this recipe for steel-cut oats with apples and walnuts. It’ll cook while you sleep and make getting up in the morning a true treat.

A portion of apple crisp with crumble top and baked apples on a white plate.

Don’t forget dessert!

Question: What do you get when you combine tart apples, brown sugar, walnuts and assorted other spices and let them mingle in a slow cooker for four hours? Answer: A deliciously memorable apple crisp and requests for seconds.

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